Monday, May 6, 2013

Majestic Mt. Ruapehu

Mountain madness! That's Mt. Ruapehu lurking in the background - New Zealand's largest active volcano.

Pretty snowy even in summer.

Driving aroung Tongariro National Park we saw strange smoke coming out the side of the mountains!

Lush forest roads lead up towards Mt. Ruapehu.

Clearest mountain water!

The view from the start of the Winter Ski fields was clouded by australian bush fires, locals told us...

The sun rays looking beautiful breaking through strange black air, maybe ash??

On the way further down the country we soaked in this amazing HOT river in Rotorua. It's actually right after you exit the Waiotapu thermal park under a bridge. If you go there have a look, it's like an AMAZING free spa! :D

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