Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun times by the Danube

Been spending some time in the area around the Danube river, called the Wachau region where my mum lives. Apart from my mum it's also famous for its wine. Here I'm about to crash into a sign on my knitto-cycle, cause I'm distracted by eating ice cream.

If you leave your window open too long the vines will get ya!

Meli has fairy mermaid hair :)

Fed some greedy duckies with Stan. There was one particular duck who was not welcome among the others so she always came to us from behind and we hand-fed her and named her Mathilda.

Her record was eating 11 peanut flips in one session.

With Melissa & Stan.

I love this photo. It's like a film still where a comet falls from the sky in broad daylight and Melissa is looking at it. Stan's face bears a gaze of knowing- relaxedness, cause she's aware we're all gonna die anyway...

...but that's just a thought. In real life we went to drink Kaiserspritzer (white wine + elderflower sirup + sparkling water) at a local "Heurigen" yum!

Walking round in the middle of nowhere.

Time for playground gymnastics:)

So here's the Danube, seen from...

...this castle which is on a hill above...

...this blue church - Dürnstein - a popular photo opportunity for tourists that travel up & down the Danube by ship. You can watch them all turn their backs on you if you're on the beach on the opposite shore.

Meli & I always toss a coin backwards in pretty much any well or fountain that we find even if there's no water in it... such as this one up by the castle.

Yet another castle - Aggstein, which is pretty well preserved.

I found a big beetle there :)
But it was dead :(

Friends played a gig with their new band by the lake so beforehand we lazed in the sun, jumped into the water where there were massive swans as big as the boats you can ride on in funparks I swear but I was too lazy to go & grab my camera so I have no proof :(

There were some cool tall flowers so I stood in them for a photo & then we walked to the train station and Stan notices....

...that I've got a lil flower hitching a ride :)

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