Monday, August 5, 2013

Hangin with Meli, Dwarfs & a Unicorn

I visited Meli in Linz - "where it all beginz". Within hours of arriving we had purchased ourselves a lovely unicorn-friend which we named & pretty much forgot the name again immediately & then renamed it "Shiraya".

All smiles after we freed Shiraya from the travelling baloon circus.
We took her for a stroll through the city of Linz.

Floating around - the 2 towers on the horizon is where the dwarfs live...more of those further down.

I looooooooooove this photo!!

At Meli's place we had a lil pool party with Shiraya:

The next day we took the tram up the Pöstlingberg hill to take a ride on the Grottenbahn. It's a Dragon-train that drives into the mountain where the dwarfs live.

Dragon "Lenzibald" arrives. We think being a dragon-train-driver is the coolest job.

And off we go!

Scenes of dwarf stories are presented in little cave alcoves to either side of the ride. Headlines include: "The injured hare" (above) , "The beetle robbery" & our favourite and weirdest one "The sinful caterpillar". Click here for a photo of it I found on google. My photo of it didnt turn out well.

After the ride you walk down into the cellar where you find a miniature city modelled after the main square in Linz.

The moustache house.

In the side streets leading out of the square there's scenes from Grimm's fairytales.

You also have a nice view of Linz from the top of the hill.

Afterwards we climbed a wooden tower on top of a shopping mall in town. Also nice views from there.

We tried "slacklining" - a newish sport where you have a portable belt that you can tie round trees etc and balance on it. Ricky was definitely the best of our group :)

Meli knows how to make pretty flowercrowns.

Those were our adventures in Linz :)

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