Friday, August 30, 2013


Meli & I did a lil roadtrip around Czech Republic. It started in beautiful Prague, city of Mucha & awesome thunderstorms. Looking like I did in the above photo I bought a can of beer at the supermarket and got asked for ID which means the cashier thought I was under 16... o_O

Our noble reflections in a puddle.

Astronomical clock that attracts masses of tourists.

Awesome medieval shoes for cobble stone streets - they seem to have an anti-trip thingie because the cresent shaped bit can't get caught in the cracks. Much better than my jandals.

We checked out a cozy little bar called "Big Lebowski" where you can name your own price for all your drinks! We had white russians of course.

Czech lesson for Meli :)

The famous Dancing House.

Tiniest alley ever! They even have a traffic light cause it's clearly one-way only :)

From the other side.

Oh the joys of feeding swans!

If you hold your offerings the right way you don't get bitten...

...but you get covered in swan saliva & sand yum!

We made friends with the tallest & smallest cute monster horsies.

Longest escalator ride ever at Náměstí Míru.

Where we stayed <3

Prague Castle Pražský hrad by night.

Looking forward to returning in a few years!

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