Thursday, September 5, 2013

Český Krumlov you've got my heart ♥

Meli's urgent business back home was done with while I was in Prague & Kutná Hora and we decided to continue our road trip and meet up in Český Krumlov, a cute medieval town with a unique bend in the Vltava river that surrounds it like a moat.

During a crazy thunderstorm I took a fast-ish train to České Budějovice and then changed to an old slow one. In my carriage were only 4 other people and when we departed 20 mins late the clouds & fog outside looked rather spooky. We drove through unmaintained tunnels of leaves slapping against the windows & stopped every 10 mins in tiny stations with 1 single sign and being in the back part of the train I only ever saw where we just stopped upon leaving. I had no idea what Český Krumlov station looked like or when we were due to arrive so I asked another passenger and he said he was getting out at the same stop. Sweet.

Within 30 seconds of jumping off the train & running to the platform I was soaked and asked a backpacker couple if they wanna share a cab into the old town which we did. They were ultra prepared and had their maps & reservations laminated in plastic in a folder...

I got out on the main square & started looking for a hostel. I'd never felt so at home in a city in the rain, everything was beautiful, gypsy buskers sheltering in ancient archways & alcoves. I found a room round the corner and it had a cool old mural on the ceiling featuring a dwarf holding a beer mug upside down with a grumpy face cause it's empty.

I bought a can of beer with my last crowns and went exploring in the (now easing) rain.

The next day it was sunny :)

Love this guy who lets his dog see what's behind the wall ♥

Meli arrived at lunchtime and after driving forbidden roads, being followed by police, running up and down medieval streets to obtain written permits for this & that, we finally had time to chill and explore Český Krumlov's secrets. First one was the house of mirrors including a labyrinth :)

Listened to happy czech folk music while strolling through the castle park.

We saw people buy tickets for this theater performance and we played with the thought of sneaking in but walked on. As we passed it again later we saw that it was spinning round whenever the stage changes or when there's an emotional highlight haha! Imagine if we had snuck in not knowing what we were getting into and all of a sudden the theatre starts spinning!

There's a lot of Hare Krishnas in town. They have a cart drawn by an ox when they do their people-fishing-rounds. We wondered what their success rate is since there's a LOT of tourists there so they can talk to new people all the time.

Underneath the castle there's a labyrinth of cellars in which there was an art exhibition.

We left Český Krumlov in Meli's car and drove south towards Austria. We saw a lake on the map surrounded by green which sounded good to us so we drove there not knowing that all the green was the spookiest, darkest forest ever but the shitty gravel road was too narrow to turn back so we had to slowly follow it to the end. We arrived at the lake and it was so beautiful we decided to stay the night & watch the moon go down.


  1. Oh, so amazingly beautiful! Thank you for this. But, how do you make your colours look like that? It´s fairytale the old Grimm Märchen I got sent from gran in the GDR.

    1. thanks :D what colours in which photo do you mean?



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