Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY: Psychedelic Dining Table

We had friends over for dinner and afterwards decided to paint our dining table as a group. We put on some music and the 6 of us chose a spot to start on and after each song we shifted to the next person's spot to continue with their creations. No rules. Modify, change, expand & add your touch to the next space, then let go and move on so the whole piece becomes unified.

You need:
- A table of some sort - op shop finds are perfect!
- Sandpaper, to give the wooden surface some grip before you start.
- Paint (I used tempera based paint because it's kind to brushes and water based, but acrylics are great too, just wash the brushes as soon as you're done)
- Brushes of various sizes so everyone can choose.
- Varnish to protect the finished artwork (Spray varnish works well for the first 2 coats so you don't disturb the paint if it's water based. After that you can use liquid varnish)
- Friends to help you cover the surface with psychedelic swirls & shapes. :)

We used the middle as a general paint blob area to dunk our brushes in.

This painting was done in a similar way on a piece of cardboard by Xoe, Cleo and I. Click here to check out the progress. :)

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