Monday, April 14, 2014

Beach Hop 2014

Tristan & I went on a road trip all the way up to the Coromandel for the annual Beach Hop, the coolest vintage car event in the country.
There's classic cars from all era's but mostly American muscle cars from the 50ies - 70ies, often pimped up with all sorts of funky gadgets, turbos & superchargers sticking through the bonnet etc. They usually use up all the petrol in the town and the gas station has to shut up shop. It's a noisy and petrol-smelly event but so much fun and people dress up rock n roll styles & dance to old school bands on the main street.

How badass is this car butt?! Chevrolet Impala I'm pretty sure ♥

On Saturday everyone gets to show off their cars in the grand parade. I think there was over 1000 of them this year!

Helloooo shiney!

I ♥ car butts!

Some of the paint jobs are just amazing!

There was also a park full of cute caravans. These ladies made theirs into a Glampervan :)

Getting all detail obsessed...omgomg!

Eye lashes!! :DD

A tiny Tui detail!!

Made a lil video too:

(youtube says if you're in Germany the video is blocked for you because I used a song by Deep Purple in the background, soz)

Of course we also enjoyed the Whangamata beach...

At low tide we walked across through thigh high water onto Clark Island (the bigger one).

Goodbye summer... :(

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