Monday, April 28, 2014

♥ Paint Collab with YOU ALL on Opening Night! ♥

I love fun painting collaborations with my friends! No pressure, you just paint whatever abstract or not, go with the flow & the music and the people around you. Merge the borders between your space and theirs, expand, add, modify, enhance... Dissolve your piece of the puzzle into the whole picture.

This Thursday you're invited to collaborate with everyone at the opening night of my new Solo show "Visions".
I've got a big piece of wooden canvas that I can't wait to transform with everybody's energy!
After everyone has added their touch I'll let it dry and over the following weeks I'll paint something over the top, pulling it all together. Then everyone who bought an original over the time of the show can be in the draw to win it and have it in their home!

♥ Come along this Thursday! ♥

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