Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello from Christchurch!

Been here for 3 weeks now! Time goes fast!
Here's a few photos from various explorations.

Love this green planty marae in cathedral square!

Lots of beautiful heritage buildings like this one "Sign of the Takahe" are being strenghtened/ fixed from the damage of the 2011 quakes.

Awesome street art is on the rise in the city! The one above is by ROA, who I adore. His murals are all over the world often featuring prominent animals of the countries they're in.

Found a photo of me in front of a rat he did in Vienna 2011:

This one's by Sofles.

Big parts of the city center is a building site, but in the sense of "exciting new things are going up" rather than "clearing old rubble from collapsed houses".

New brighton beach has the biggest walkway I've ever seen!

Went shopping at the Tannery - one of many boutique malls popping up around the city/suburb fringe.

Visited Sumner, I remember seeing the collapsed cliffside in the news at the time. :((

The beach area is super nice, can't wait for summer!

Our view from the south of the city. On a clear day you can see the southern alps & the ocean. ❤

It's been a good start in the new hood :)

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