Sunday, June 15, 2014

"The Ocean cried Blue Murder on a Ferry in a Storm"

Ferries always remind me of the Legendary Pink Dots song "The Ocean cried Blue Murder on a Ferry in a Storm".

I am now calling Christchurch my new home. I find myself shifting further south and south, considering I started out in Auckland in 2006 when I first came to NZ. 2 years there, then 5 in Wellington and now Christchurch. The coming November will mark 8 formative years of me being here.

A teaparty of tugboats in the harbour remind me of funpark bumper cars framed in all their rubber tyres.

Goodbye Welly! Goodbye Lighthouse 1 of 2 that we tried to walk to on the windiest day and luckily decided to turn back. (As we were told later it would've taken 4 hours return on a nice day...)

Oh also the body of man was found near here the next morning, probably came off a ferry that left 7 hours after ours. Scary as.

In fear of starving from an empty stomach further down the journey (I was expecting to get seasick and throw up once we reach the usually a bit wild Cook Strait) I ate the worst scone ever and then real good nachos in the first hour of leaving the shore.

And I didn't throw up this time :) We used our barf bags to play hangman on.

After 3 more hours we made it into the Marlborough sounds, which were beautifully foggy, just the way I like it.

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We stayed the night in Picton in a lovely backpackers and watched Life of Brian on VHS after we finally remembered that you have to REWIND those things first. They don't just play, lol.

On the way down to Christchurch we stopped in Kaikoura for rainy day ice cream. There was a shop selling this tattooed Maori baby doll. o_O

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